Stiftung Mitarbeit

English Information

Founded in 1963 the Stiftung Mitarbeit (foundation for participation) follows the idea of bottom up democratic development.

The primary objective is to encourage people to develop own initiatives and to participate in finding solutions for community tasks and challenges. Therefore, Stiftung Mitarbeit strives to inspire citizens to become politically active, to support non-governmental organizations and self-help groups and to organize dialogues and exchange of views between the political executive and the interest groups of the community. Special attention is directed to promote the social rights of weaker community members and to strengthen democratic responsibility at all levels.

Stiftung Mitarbeit contributes to that process by

  • Advice and providing information
  • Seminars, conferences and workshops for active citizenship
  • Publications
  • Pilot schemes for citizen participation in political decision processes
  • Support of projects
  • Initial financial aid for new self-help groups (only in Germany)
  • Internet services for political participation:

The Stiftung Mitarbeit was founded by committed members of the society from the academic, political and economic sectors with varying political views. The activities of Stiftung Mitarbeit are independent from political parties.